Foundations in Collingwood

Brands We Use

The Duraform® System
This is a 6-Bar Duraform® Advance® System with steel walers and a durable, efficient, and cost-effective forming system

Steel Dog®
Find a more dependable brand of hardware in Steel Dog®. We rely on these innovative products to get the job done right for foundations in Collingwood and Owen Sound.

We rely on Blueskin® WP 200 in our projects. This self-adhering composite membrane consists of SBS rubberized asphalt compound. It is integrally laminated to a blue, high-density polythene film. This product self-adheres to a prepared substrate, providing high-performance waterproofing.

Delta®-MS’s dimpled membrane is impermeable to water and water vapor. Air-gaps are created by the vacuum-formed exclusive dimple patter in the membrane and foundation wall. With this unique design, water is allowed to move past the dimpled membrane and flow freely to the perimeter footing drain. Air-gaps guarantee a safe separation and full capillary break between foundation wall and ground moisture.